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Romantic Couple on Exotic Olive Wood

Romantic Couple on Exotic Olive Wood


Introducing "ROMANTIC COUPLE" by HYPNOTIQ, a mesmerizing 1/1 mixed media resin sculpture that transcends the boundaries of traditional art. This masterpiece features a passionately entwined couple, captured in the act of a tender kiss. Crafted with precision and passion, the sculpture is mounted on a bed of exotic olive wood sourced from the historic landscapes of Jerusalem.

What sets "ROMANTIC COUPLE" apart is the seamless integration of crystal clear deep pour epoxy resin, adding an ethereal quality that elevates the emotional resonance of the artwork. When bathed in UV black light, the sculpture and olive wood come to life, casting a radiant glow that unveils hidden dimensions within the piece. The play of light extends further as the glow in the dark paint beneath the couple mimics the hues of a sublime sunrise and sunset, creating a dynamic interplay of colors that transforms with the shifting ambient light.

This creation not only captures a moment of profound intimacy but also invites viewers to experience the ephemerality of love through the interplay of light and form. "ROMANTIC COUPLE" is not just a sculpture; it's a sensory journey, an ode to love, and a testament to HYPNOTIQ's mastery in seamlessly blending materials and emotions. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this modern masterpiece that goes beyond the visual, reaching into the realm of emotions and imagination. #HYPNOTIQArt #ModernSculpture #RomanticCoupleArt

Size: 24x24x10 (rough size)

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