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Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn


Mixed media Audrey Hepburn wall art with neon paint and mediums

Size 24x48 inches

AUDREY HEPBURN NEON WALL ART 🌟 Embrace the Power of Expression! 🌟

Introducing my latest creation, the Audrey Hepburn “One of One” Neon Wall Art! 💃✨ This piece is a tribute to the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn and celebrates the freedom to express oneself. 💄🎨

Coming from Iran, where many women face unimaginable challenges and persecution for embracing their individuality, I believe art can be a powerful medium to drive change and increase awareness about women’s rights worldwide. 💪🌍

Each neon stroke, each bold makeup choice in this artwork sends a message of resilience and empowerment. It says, “It’s okay to be yourself; it’s okay to be bold and beautiful, just like Audrey.” 💖💄

This piece is one of my favorites and was a labor of love, spending a year in the heart of Times Square, New York, to bring attention to my project. 🗽🌆

By owning this artwork, you’re not just getting a stunning piece of Audrey Hepburn art; you’re also supporting a movement of change and female equality. Let’s unite as women and stand together for a brighter future. 💪💙 #WomenUniteByHypnotiq 🌟 #AudreyHepburnArt #ExpressYourself #neonart #wallart

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