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Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Sculpture

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Sculpture


Marilyn Monroe Louis Vuitton Edition 1/1

Pop Art Neon Louis Vuitton Marilyn Monroe resin sculpture installed on custom design see through resin platform on top of stainless steel mirror reflective chrome balls.

Elevate your space with the epitome of glamour and artistic allure! Introducing my latest masterpiece - the Marilyn Monroe Louis Vuitton 1/1. This isn’t just art; it’s an immersive experience, a collision of iconic elegance and contemporary design that demands attention.

Picture the timeless allure of Marilyn Monroe seamlessly intertwined with the unmistakable style of Louis Vuitton, captured in a 1/1 Pop Art Neon resin sculpture. The luminous glow adds a modern twist, breathing life into the classic, creating a visual symphony that transcends time and style.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Witness this captivating creation perched upon a custom-designed, see-through resin platform, floating above stainless steel mirror reflective chrome balls. The interplay of light and reflection transforms your surroundings into a gallery of sophistication.

Now, imagine making this unique piece a focal point in your space, an expression of your appreciation for art that blurs the lines between fashion, culture, and creativity. Don’t just decorate; make a statement.

Ready to own a piece of art that transcends boundaries? Follow me for an exclusive look into my artistic journey, and seize the opportunity to make the Marilyn Monroe Louis Vuitton 1/1 a part of your personal collection. Your space deserves the touch of elegance that only true art can bring.

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~ size 32 X 27 x27 inch

Medium: Resin sculpture stainless steel spheres epoxy resin mixed media pop art sculpture


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