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Pink Panther

Pink Panther



introducing my latest creation: the one-of-a-kind Modern Pop Art Pink Panther sculpture! 🎨✨ As an artist, I poured my heart into crafting this resin masterpiece, instilling it with the joy and happiness that the Pink Panther cartoon brought me during my cherished childhood days.

🌳 Installed on a natural tree trunk, this sculpture not only stands as an artistic expression but also pays homage to the beauty of nature. Packed with an array of shimmering crystals, each carefully placed, this piece reflects the playful spirit and creativity that define my artistic philosophy.

🎨 The mixed-media resin, coupled with glow-in-the-dark fluorescent neon pink paint, transforms the sculpture into a living, breathing entity, glowing vibrantly under UV light. It’s more than an art piece; it’s a testament to the fusion of my creativity and the emotional resonance inspired by the Pink Panther.

✨ This limited edition creation is a celebration of timeless memories and artistic innovation. As the artist, I invite you to bring home a piece of this extraordinary joy, a tangible connection to the magic of childhood encapsulated in resin.

~ size 42x28x28 inches

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